What do we do in Callisto HR Limited?

Callisto HR Limited

What do we do?

We deliver solutions which drive your business ahead. From permanent and contingent staffing to outsourcing, talent management and talent development – we handle it all.

We do it the right way

Our guarantee and undertaking of client satisfaction, dedication to the quality and deep regards for the personal relationships is the cornerstone of our continued, never-ending success. Success needs commitment of a skilled team that performs its best.

With a shared focus on the career management, individual development and organizational effectiveness, we provide bespoke solutions which aid the individuals and the companies succeed.

Callisto was established with a vision of providing world-class workforce solutions to the individuals and organizations alike. Callisto is one stop-shop for giving the whole gamut of high – impact HR solutions to the candidates and the organizations seeking performance, satisfaction and growth.

Over the years, Callisto has built their credibility and has emerged as a service partner of the choice with a number of organizations and multinationals alike. Our objective is to create a unique ecosystem for the talent acquisition community for enabling skill development, execution and planning. We are in business of giving the customers comprehensive solutions which address their people supply chain problems. People are the major and the primary factor of any organization’s success. Hence, we started at the root and focus on making a recruitment ecosystem which will improve the ability of any organization for attracting and retaining the right talent.

Callisto ecosystem intends to leverage the social media for providing talent acquisition community on the chance of developing their competencies in our e-learning platform.

We have adopted worldwide methodologies and practices for ensuring successful and timely executive search.

What exactly is HR Solutions?

“HR Solutions” is an umbrella term which refers to all the technology that businesses use for managing personnel. Just like human resources is a broad-reaching umbrella term, HR Solutions can also include diverse set of functions and features for the employee reporting and management.

Along with providing a digital platform for accessing, storing and processing the information about the employees, HR solutions can also branch out beyond the basic human resources so as to bring in the functionality for talent management, payroll, attendance and time, business intelligence reporting etc.

Callisto is a cloud-based HR, payroll and talent management solution which does exactly that. The solution is also configurable for meeting the needs of the employees, so that they can focus on meeting the requirements of your clients. We transcend solutions for delivering an easy-to-use and comprehensive experience in any given system.

Our corporate training programs

Callisto delivers a broad range of corporate training programs wherever the soft skills and leadership development is concerned. We have also worked exclusively with the government departments for improving the skill levels of lower bureaucracy.

While recognizing right people for the right job is what we specialize in, we also bring people together by human touch and hence we match the talent to the requirement, dreams to the reality and ambitions to the growth.