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When something/anything seems fishy to the HR department, or when they receive a complaint, one of the primary steps is determining whether an in-house investigation is authorized or not. Generally, the answer is YES. A thorough check is needed once any employee files a claim with the lawsuit alleging the employment discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, retaliation or defamation. An investigation in the workplace is also suggested when there are some kinds of violations of the company policy, theft of property, criminal behavior or regulatory compliance problems.

There are times and cases when an HR investigation is not as necessary, especially in case the respondent or the complainant agree on whatever happened. For instance, in case the situation comes out to be primarily a rudeness or personality conflict, instead of serious wrongdoing, then you may decide you do not require to formally doing the investigation. An informal approach can be best in case it is a matter of misunderstanding or miscommunication of the company policy.

Callisto – retention solutions and employee engagement

We are recognized leader in the employee engagement surveys, onboarding tools which drive accountability and growth. Callisto is a human capital advisory firm which enables the companies to grow, improve and compete by the implementation and design of highly- effective human capital strategies, and the functional and useful business services for executing and delivering them. We help build strength in the human capital by developing and retaining employees. The care we put into work takes it from just data to comprehensive employee engagement and reservation solutions.

We are basically a background screening company for the people who care about people. A good number of employers depend on our in- house compliance experts, customizable technology and US- based customer service. Job candidates love our working and dependability. We are well aware and concerning of the fact that all the businesses are unique. Our outsourcing services are designed for accommodating the unique spectrum of your business needs. Enjoy the convenience of the personalized Human resources experience which gives you little or much HR support as you require.

Covering all the bases

Employee lifecycle management

The full spectrum people strategy is inclusive of onboarding, recruiting, performance management, compensation planning, employee development, employee surveys, employee relations and separations.

Advantages administration

We provide all – inclusive advantages including eligibility, open enrollment and status changes, coordinating with the brokers and carriers, carrier statement reconciliations and tracking leaves.

Development and training

Supervisor training delivered by coaching, workshops, articles and web- based training.

Employee retention and engagement

  1. Strong employer brand
  2. Total rewards
  3. People strategies
  4. Employee surveys

Administration of payroll

Assemble process and audit the payroll, field employee paycheck and alliance directly with the payroll providers- ensuring a timely, smooth and accurate payroll method.

Regulatory compliance

Maintaining handbook and employee policies, employee files, job descriptions, 1-9s posters, state, federal and local regulations, along with health- care reform.