Job Duties and Responsibilities of an HR Operations Consultant

Today’s environment needs agile, differentiated and new approaches to the Human Resource operations & the ability to work as a collaborative, proactive business partner. Still, most of the HR functions stay mainly focused on processing the transactions instead of enabling the enterprise growth goals and enhancing the value.

Even though most of the Human Resource organizations strive to give the highest level of support to the leaders by letting the business value creation & achieving a very important role in organization, only some of the world- class Human resource organizations have the leaders which are involved in the processes linking together the people strategies and business. More than seventy percent more are pro-actively engaged by the company leadership to partner with them on the strategic business opportunities.

Advance Your Journey towards the World-Class Performance

Depending on the extensive researches done of the world-class enterprises, it is understandable what it takes to sustain and establish HR operational excellence. HR can be viewed as a strategic enabler of business performance management. That perceptive can be applied when working with the HR functions at a number of leading organizations of the world for measuring and defining their contributions and raising their performance, capabilities and –at – last- value.

Human Resource Operations Consultant

These are some of the responsibilities of an HR Operations consultant:

  • Manages and oversees the complete start-to-end onboarding process
  • New hires readiness
  • Manages and oversees the end-to-end internship process.
  • Manages & oversees end-to-end delegation process.
  • Audits and checks the impact (completeness and accuracy) of the employee data management while assuring on the problems getting resolved
  • Manages the employment passes applications, cancellations, and renewals for the employees.
  • Performs operational responsibilities needed for keeping the process running without any negative impact or error.
  • Guarantees that the processes in your area of duty are in flexibility with the company’s internal regulations along with any other external regulations if applicable.
  • Contributes and participates to the successful application of all the carve-out and carve-in projects inconstancy to the applicable employment regulations
  • Takes part in the HR process optimization/improvement projects and initiatives


Given below are the preferred qualifications of any HR operations consultant:

  • A minimum of three to four years of experience in the HR and having worked in an MNC environment
  • Solid time management, attention to the details and multi-tasking skills
  • High creativity level, openness to change and perseverance.
  • Should have the courage of speaking up
  • Top-notch communication skills
  • A helpful and welcoming attitude
  • Should have the knowledge in employment & immigration regulations
  • Should be well-versed in MS Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Visio etc.)

HR consultants ensure that the human capital of any organization serves the best interests of company. Be developing and creating an HR model particular to the organizations that hire them, the consultants work to guarantee that the company is impacted fully using its personnel for achieving its stated goals and also ensuring that the workforce is working at high-level of efficiency and productivity.