Intriguing Information About TUPE Consultation in UK

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Have you ever heard of the abbreviation TUPE?

Do you know what TUPE Consultation is?

Do not worry as this blog will give all the information concerning TUPE consultation as well as the policies involved. To begin with, let’s understand what TUPE stands for. Well, TUPE stands for Transfers of Undertakings Protection of Employment. Callisto HR Limited is among the fewest companies that enlighten interested clients on TUPE Consultation and some of the regulations and requirements to fulfill. TUPE is a complex subject that directly affects numerous areas of employment today.

TUPE’s Terms and Conditions

Below are some of the strict HR Policies under TUPE.

  • An employee is required to have a quality length of service to claim constructive dismissal occasioned by contract changes when they leave.
  • Employers who want to change terms that are not related to the transfer must seek legal advice and contact Callisto HR Limited.
  • An employee of an outgoing employer automatically becomes an employer of any incoming employer at the point of transfer. The employee continues to enjoy the previous terms and conditions of employment with the new employer.
  • An outgoing employer has to disclose all the information about transferring his or her employees to a new employer. Additionally, employment liability information must also include the identities and ages of the employees that will be affected by the transfer, disciplinary measures that were taken against them as well as the collective agreements reached.
  • Any information provided by an outgoing employer to an incoming one must be accurate and updated. Also, information concerning some of the legal actions taken against the former employer by the employee for the past 2 years must be provided.

What is are Collective Agreements

Most human resource consultants agree that collective agreement is one of the most crucial HR Policies. Collective agreements refer to written contracts arrived at through collective bargaining, that serves both employees and trade union with the company’s management. Some of the examples of these agreements include training for union representatives, dispute resolution procedure, and flexible and negotiated working arrangements.

Employees and employers should seek TUPE Consultation service from companies like Callisto HR Limited to come up with the best collective agreements. This helps to ensure mutual understanding between both parties and to thwart disputes in the future.

Which purpose does a TUPE Consultation serve

A TUPE Consultation may apply when the employers wish to agree with employees or their representatives in the case; they foresee the need to put measures in place to deal with transfers. The consultation aims at reaching a common agreement on the measures. Additionally, employers are obliged to keep workers aware of transfer progress regularly. Employers are also obliged to first listen to the concerns raised by the affected workers before deciding whether to accept the transfer or not.
Truly TUPE equally benefits both the employers and their workers!