HR Outsourcing Companies UK

HR is a function which wears a lot of hats. A business human resource needs constant change. Assuring that you got the right skill in the right place and at the right time for dealing with the Human Resource activities can instantly become the bane of a lot of small businesses. Selecting the right HR Company for the business is important for receiving the Human Resource support which you require. Many a times,  small businesses tend to outsource this support to the HR consulting firms.

Callisto HR Ltd. are the specialists when it comes to outsourced HR consultancy which delivers the practical and flexible employment support that the business requires. We believe in taking a different approach for outsourcing HR while supplying an array of the consultancy packages, ad-hoc services and business support functions which let you focus on the management of the business.

Imagine managing the entire HR to be a pleasure than a chore.

It definitely can be! If there’s someone taking care of it for you. Get ready to say adieu to that big “year planner” hanging on your wall along with that employment law. Callisto HR Ltd. team will handle all the time-consuming everyday matters which involve the HR management. Right from keeping track of the vacations of the people to looking after the classified files, our competent and dynamic HR team is here to take care of it all for you.

Callisto HR Ltd. is among the best of the HR outsourcing companies UK which offers pragmatic, independent and professional human resources consultancy along with outsourcing services. Our HR experts provide solutions which supports your individual business requirements.


HR Consultancy

We strive to give an effective and swift response, based on our years of industry experience.

HR Outsourcing

We offer flexible monthly packages which mean you will get trust seasoned HR experts for looking after your HR needs of the business and make sure about all the legal compliance.

HR Training

We give bespoke HR training. Callisto HR Ltd. trains you to competently manage your HR affairs on an internal level.

HR Risk survey

Take our questionnaire. Fill in the online survey now and evaluate your needs.

Proficient HR services with a personal touch

Callisto HR Ltd. works with businesses of all sizes no matter what the budget. Our companionable team of the HR experts has some real business experience and will not ever use the scripts or just sit on the fence simply advising you.

Sometimes, the business priorities can change daily. Hence, we make sure that we never keep you tied in any long-term contract but give you the space and the flexibility that you need for helping your business flourish. Whether it is on off HR advice and consultancy you need or any long-term administration and procedures, we are always here to help!

We have handpicked our legal team from the best on business and we always encourage talent development by regular training.