Getting to know the concept of TUPE Consultation

TUPE Consultation

In today’s times, it has become a matter of concern for individuals working in firms, both big and small, to enjoy a definite level of job security mainly because of the “hire and fire” phenomenon, which is largely prevalent. This is particularly true in cases, where the firm as a whole or substantial part of its business gets transferred to a new entity altogether. The new employer might decide to do away with the employees of the firm, which is being taken over.  This is where it becomes important to take care of these employee’s interests, which in reality becomes possible due to TUPE Consultation.

What is TUPE Consultation?

TUPE Consultation is basically an acronym for Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment Regulations. This is a vast subject that has its impact on different areas of employment. Even though this regulation is laid down mainly for employees associated with a firm, there are a few elements with regards to TUPE Consultation, which need to be familiarized by the firm in question as well.

First and foremost, the business unit needs to be well acquainted with the different areas where TUPE Consultation becomes applicable. This subject has a legal angle to it as well. This is why; firms need to comprehend the legalities associated with TUPE Consultation to their best ability more so ever by taking help from legal experts.

Due to lack of understanding of TUPE Consultation, businesses are unable to prevent themselves from the impact of this regulation. This can be ascertained only when business units become well aware about the obligations that they need to fulfil under TUPE. If firms fail to comply with these obligations they may be required to shell out heavy penalties.

Avail TUPE Consultation:

If employees are desirous about getting to know what rights they enjoy under TUPE, then they can join hands with a recognized solicitor, who would offer them TUPE Consultation for a fee.

It is important to note that certain solicitors act only on behalf of organizations, while there are a few others, who might be interested to assist individual employees with regards to TUPE Consultation.  Hence, before approaching any law expert, who deals with TUPE it is vital to first understand what services they offer.

Agreement is a must: TUPE Consultation can become a success only when both the involved parties are able to find a middle ground and agree to a certain deal. This regulation cannot be applied in cases where one of the parties tries to impose its views on the other, who is otherwise objecting to the former’s opinions.

TUPE Consultation will help both employees and organizations understand that this regulation does not aim to pull down firms at the cost of employee interests. If utilized in the right way, TUPE helps to create a win win situation for both the transferor and transferee organizations as well the incoming employees. Hence, it is better to first interpret its working and then take guidance from it.