Callisto Manages Your Employee Administration

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About us

Callisto HR Limited is an HR solution provider company, which helps the businesses in saving time and simplifying it. With us, you can handle the important HR and compliance programs for the company, while you and your employees can concentrate on what you do the best.

Employee behaving in illegal manner should be investigated by either the company itself or the authorized representative of the business. Acts of discrimination or harassment violate Title VII of civil rights and other state and federal legislation. Employees should not be treated differently/ wrongly because of their protected classes like sex, race, national origin, age (40 and older), color, genetic information or disability. In case you have reason of suspecting a hostile work environment because of possible dereliction of your staff or in case you get a complaint by an employee, you can be held accountable in a lawsuit in case you don’t conduct an HR investigation for determining the facts.

Roles of Human Resource Management companies

Callisto HR Ltd. manages your employee administration so that you can manage your business.

1. Stress- free Payroll

Payrolls are important part for running any business- however; it can be quite time consuming to manage everything on your own. Let Callisto handle these details for you! We offer an all- inclusive suite of the payroll resources & services which can meet your unique requirements. A good number of our clients find that they see a decline in the personal costs, all while staying docile and flexible. Our paper-less payroll options can aid you in saving money and helping our environment.

2. Better benefits and advantages for your staff and employees

By covering the dental, health and other insurance needs of your employees, you can find and keep the top employees you require for growing your business. However, finding the right benefit plans in right price can be little challenging. With Callisto as your benefits management coordinator, you will not have to worry about the complicated negotiations, administration processes and renewal. We take on the accountability and stress of terming, enrolling, arranging for the payroll deductions and auditing the monthly bill.

3. Administrative relief

Callisto works hand in hand with the clients for aiding in improving and creating the present HR practices. By one- on one meeting, ongoing training opportunities for the managers, and custom programs, you will have the support you require for meeting your personal needs. Each client is assigned a personal Human resource rep who is there on every step with you. Our HR specialists are ready to work with you on your Human Resource administration requirements.

4. Risk- free workers allowance

When it is about the safety issues and the compensation of the workers, you can never be too careful. The accidents on the work site can be time consuming and costly. It is no longer enough to have a poster hanging on wall- you got to be pro-active in maintaining and establishing the processes and programs. Callisto will take the compensation claims of the worker the complete way through- from reporting to settlement.