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Investigations in Workplaces are hard for everyone who is involved; no matter you is the complainant, the accused of the HR professional who is charged with the making “sense” of the conflicting reports. Nonetheless, it is important to get to the core of the problem by asking just the right questions. Within the whole process, one of the most asserting aspects is talking with the employee who is to be investigated.

In case you have not given a serious thought about the outsourcing, the tasks range which can be offloaded will surprise you! We, at Callisto can manage a whole range of the HR functions which you might otherwise be outsourcing to a number of other providers- these functions are inclusive of everything from benefit plan management and payroll processing and administration to training, recruiting etc. With 1 provider taking the responsibility for a dimension of HR functions, you will not just be spending less time on administration, but also less time- managing vendor relationships too.

Workforce development consultancy with Callisto

Our clients come with different kind of workforce development requirements which may range from challenges of a start- up company, standing up a training department or a program, searching for learning the management systems, developing internships, training needs assessments, pre- apprenticeship or/and apprenticeship programs, along with partnering with workforce system for recruiting and training the workers.

Callisto has project management and consulting expertise which allows us to give long term and short term assistance to the clients. This expertise can give support for the small and big projects of the client ranging from alignment and identification of the workforce development resources, to performance tracking, implementation and reporting.

Along with these, we provide solutions and insight by third – party training providers along with other workforce support programs on consulting basis. Not just this, our fee- based services of consulting enables and identifies other workforce solutions which get tangible value to the clients.

We associate with our clients to:

  • Plan, envision and manage the enterprise- wide organization transformation programs
  • Build internal change capabilities which are increasingly adaptive and agile.
  • Planning and executing the change management initiatives, with agility and speed.
  • Using predictive analytics- for helping in decision making and highlighting the paths which help in achieving desired business results at the time of the change programs.

Our unified focus on the transformation of the organization, changing the capability building and changing management is an approach to the organization change which is definitely differentiated in marketplace.

We can enable your company in managing the change with more predictable outcomes and precision, at a speed which is more effective and faster than your competitors. Conventional change management activities such as communication and training are no more enough in helping to drive change at the pace and scale which is needed in current time and scenario. Our integrated and comprehensive approach can aid you in growing at the speed of the change.