CALLISTO HR LTD offers a wide range of services including

  • Leading on employee relations including interviews, investigations, writing reports, presenting and hearings 
  • Employment Tribunal preparations and responses (from a HR standpoint)
  • Managing change programmes both small and large scale including consultation programmes delivering outcomes and implementation
  • Redundancy programmes from consultation to outcomes
  • Recruitment strategies
  • Policy development
  • Organisational effectiveness programmes
  • Equality & Diversity support
  • Team development 

This list is not exhaustive so if your organisation is seeking HR support not listed above please contact us to discuss in more detail.

Employment Tribunal Preparation

Nobody wants to be involved in a Tribuanl but if you find yourselves in this position, we have experience in Tribunal processes and can help you navigate the process and support with preparation. We will work with your Employment Lawyer throughout the process – we are not legal specialists and advocate that legal advice is sought in such circumstances.

Change Programs

Change Management brings an array of emotions for everyone. We will help your organisation from planning through to implementation. We are experienced in consultation processes, understand the legal criteria but accept that change can make staff feel worried. Callisto HR has experience of change management from TUPE through to acquisition.

Redundancy Programmes

We can advise on process, procedure and all the technical aspects that come with a redundancy process. We also recognise the impact this can have on the staff affected and the organisation and will work with you to ensure that the process is done with fairness, inclusion and consideration.

Recruitment Strategies

Recruitment is critical to any employment journey – candidates have choices. We can assist you in recruitment strategies that will help you with your workplace plans. We are not an recruitment agency but we have experience of interviews, assessment centres and getting these right is critical to filling vacancies.

Policy Development

Our knowledge enables us to provide organisations with Policies and Procedures. Overall we ensure that the policy is compliant with Employment legislation.

Employee Relations

There is merit, especially in smaller organisations, to appoint an investigator who is independent from the organisation. We are skilled in supporting organisations with investigations into all aspects of employee relations: grievances, disciplinaries, bulling and harassment, absence. Our knowledge and experience includes working on complex cases, liaising with unions or staff representatives and managing expectations of the organisation.


We provide organisations with team or individual coaching.